Beijing National Day School

Class of '18

Sep '15 – Jun '18

I went to Beijing National Day School (Chinese: 北京十一学校, and sorry for the our sloppy website) for high school.

Different from what I focus in college (CS), in high school I primarily focused my area of study on mathematical modeling (with Haonan Zhu) and economics (with Robert Rush).

Just for fun: here’s an economics paper I co-authored with my friend Michael, “A Developed, Caring, and Sustainable Economy”, in which we detailed our ideal model of economy (which we knew was unlikely to be realized any time soon).


  • Fang-Yuan Scholarship (for outstanding academic performance)
  • International Mathematical Modeling Contest (IMMC) 2017 Outstanding Award (check this out)
  • Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) 2018 Meritorious Award (check this out)
  • (… and other ones I cannot remember …)

Leadership Positions

  • Mathematical Modeling Lab (core member)
  • Hack Club BNDS (co-founder)
  • Student Government (member of the standing committee)


  • Club Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club Flag Football

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